Laurentian Bank of Canada

New Experience for a banking site

  • Experience & interface design
  • User tests groundwork and follow-up
  • HTML prototype

Our UX team was to complete in detail all functions and interactions from the user or front-end perspective. While the technical back-end team began their work based on our definition documentation, we got down to the serious work of wireframing.

Interface Design

Working with Axure we could build complex interactions that are key for assisting stakeholder understanding, involvement and approval. There was the additional benefit of allowing for specification documentation and business rule integration in the shared wireframe working space.  Brainstorming sessions with the team were greatly improved with the use of wireframes. Multiple iterations per function were created.

We built a Global Experience Language (GEL) site that housed all aspects of the front-end graphic interface and interaction design, including HTML, CSS, and javaScript elements.

HTML prototyping and User Testing

In order to start user testing early and validate some hypothesis, we needed a site to work with, even though it would not be connected to real banking data. Thus we programmed a prototype with the proposed look and feel with a selected set of features that provided testers with dummy data but a rich simulation of the planned experience. The tests were a major success! We were rewarded with key insights into micro processes that still needed some work. Even better, 40% of non-client testers spontaneously indicated that they’d like to change banks.

This third mandate with BLC was following a planning and information architecture phase.