Tel-jeunes – Like having a counsellor in your pocket

  • Mobile first UX
  • Leveraged Kentico EMS for personalisation
  • Questionnaires, polls and micro-interactions for engagement
  • Ease of building micro-sites and landing pages through widgets

Tel-jeunes offers counselling for young people between the ages of 5 and 20 year old’s in Quebec, Canada. They offer services via phone call, webchat, text and email and have been doing so for more than 30 years. The new site is designed to provide an experience tailored for the mobile first (only) generation that is the organizations core user group.

The new Tel-jeunes site shares some widgets deployed on the new Fondation Tel-jeunes site in 2017. The shared environment greatly reduced the deployment effort for this property.


In additon to having a modern responsive design with a User Experience crafted specifically for the audience’s small screen dependence, we sought to provide style and language that would speak to the young audience. The experience is crafted for snackable and deep dive content, as well as social proof, sharing friendly and stories from peers.

One of the main technological goals set for the project was to bring multiple properties under one – one site and into one solid platform.

Full flexibility based on widgets

The use of widgets for the layered content, has made building pages very efficient and flexible. Editors can now create sophisticated graphical pages with very few restrictions. This flexibility means that it is easy to build landing or micro-sites from a selection of approximately 40 widgets and multiple page types with many hundreds of possible combinations.